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Health Risk Assessment Williamsburg Brooklyn

Stroke Symptoms Risk Factors

Stroke; Types, Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatment – #StrokeSxRiskTx

What is Stroke? Stroke is a medical emergency condition that is cause either by obstruction of the artery supplying the brain or due to rupture of the artery carrying blood to the brain. It is a very common problem that is regarded as number fourth killer in United States. It is equally common in the […]

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High Blood Pressure – Risk Factors and Management

High blood pressure is a defined as a blood pressure greater than 140/90 mmHg. It is a common problem affecting 1 billion people worldwide, accounting for 7.1 million deaths per year. Blood pressure measurement has two measurements; systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the top reading which represent the pressure in the arteries when heart contracts […]

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Preventive Medicine and Wellness: Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

What does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle? The answer is very simple. Healthy diet and consistent check ups with the primary care physicians are what keep us healthy. In today’s busy world healthy lifestyle is the goal all of us are trying to reach. However lack of time and busy schedules are major […]

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Walk-In Care For Adults: Urgency is our priority

You do not feel well but you don’t have the appointment? That is not a problem. In Downtown Medical Services walk in patients are always welcomed since urgency is our priority. We treat patients with both major and minor illnesses. Patients will receive comprehensive evaluation and treatment of non-life-threatening illnesses. In today’s busy environment, beside […]

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STD – STI Testing: Best way to protect yourself

Did you know that the best way to protect yourself from getting an STD is to inform yourself? The reason why many women today get infected is because they know very little about how to treat, prevent and avoid STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases or STD are among the most common infections today with more than […]

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